Monday, April 23, 2007

Month 19 State of the Website

Thanks for coming by to visit and read about's journey as a website start up.

We actually launched 19 months ago at the 2005 Halloween parade. It was our plan to introduce the website to the Riverbend Community in a unique way. Frankie (Or Uncle Frankie as he has been come to be known as) rode down Broadway surfing the website. He was almost 14 feet high and everyone loved him. Soon I will post again about the 2006 Halloween parade. Frankie made a startling 2nd appearance riding alongside our 2nd float the haunted house!

There is this conundrum when starting up a website, that you need to keep people interested with compelling content which you build through partnerships and you need new and returning visitors in order to find willing partners. It's a stuggle until you are recognized as a staple or even as a long term player as a handful of websites focused on our community have come and gone over the last 12-13 years.

We have made great strides in both content and visitor growth. Now after 19 months we have a product that is more helpful than ever and we have visitor stats that are phenomenal. All we work on everyday is finding new content to add for our guests so they will keep up their great support.
Visit our site today and let us know what you'd like to see. We'll try to drop in here and continue telling our story and updating you on our current news.

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