Monday, October 26, 2009

Time to blog??

Is there ever time to blog?

We are now 4 years into our project and we keep finding more ways to keep busy. Building websites, adding new features and expansion of our Video and TV department provide plenty of work for everyone. Finding time to check in here and keep everyone up to date is nearly impossible!

We are still a small company so everyone's contribution is vital ~ every minute of time at work must be productive or we won't be able to keep the site up to date. And communicating with you is also important.

The reason for that is because we only exist to provide you with the information and resources you need. Check in with us on the site, this blog, facebook, myspace, and twitter. In our Forums we more regularly post on new features as they are released. Be in contact with us about what things you would like to see more of, and we will bring it to you.

Thanks for your continued support of the site. Our visitors to the site continue to grow as we keep trying to spread the word. Remember that our advertisers keep the site running ~ let them know you appreciate that ~ buy local and invest in our community!

If you haven't seen it lately, RBTV is exploding with videos of events and festivals around the area as well as full length sportscasts. Check it out today!

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